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What resulted was a buddy film of sorts. The end product that matters may not have worked out so well — New England finished 7-9 and missed the playoffs for the first time in 11 seasons.

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During his three years in Seattle, Simmons has been mostly plagued with injury throughout his career.NFL Buffalo Bills Team Face Coverings

Neither Schwartz or Fisher played in the Super Bowl, which makes their release after what was such a poor performance by their replacements even more puzzling.NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Face Coverings

Overall, how can you not love all the Lawrences coming together to make something truly spectacular? He is a once-in-a-generation quarterbacking prospect and his likeness is being forever immortalized on one of the most iconic trading card brands in North American sports. He has a long way to go towards turning the Jaguars around, but it’ll be fun to see him try.NFL Tennessee Titans Team Face Coverings

Leading up to the 2021 NFL draft, which starts April 29, Yahoo Sports will count down our top 100 overall prospects. We’ll count them down in groups of five for Nos. 100-51, followed by more in-depth reports on our top 50 players, with help from our scouting assistant, Liam Blutman. We reserve the right to make changes to players’ grades and evaluations based on injury updates, pro-day workouts or late-arriving information from NFL teams.NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Face Coverings

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It’ll be fascinating to see who takes care of theirs, and when, in the coming months.

• Sources: Lurie wants Hurts as QB in '21 • Celek among players taking over finances • Kelce holding off retirement, returns to Philly • Eagles' free-agency overview: Backup QB?