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"We are very aware of what happens relative to the personalities and identification with a number. It's not frivolous," Jones said during the draft. "It'll be considered, but certainly will have to be considered in light of some of the other things that you do and not the least of which is all the things that are out here that have that identification with that personality with that number. We're pretty sensitive about No. 12 around here, and we're pretty sensitive about No. 8, 22. Those are decisions that we'll make, and we'll make as a club. I will say, this is a club decision."NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Face Coverings
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"I think a big part of it was that Tom [Brady] never did anything that wasn’t him," Garoppolo told 95.7 The Game on Wednesday. "He was just himself, he didn’t try and do anything that was fake or something that would be weird to me. That’s kind of the approach that I'm taking with Trey [Lance] and the rest of the QBs too.NFL Miami Dolphins Team Face Coverings

"And because he's joining a team that is already proven to be a Super Bowl-caliber team, this team goes to the playoffs with Trey Lance, No. 5 leading the way."

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With a top-20 for each category, the representation across the league is plentiful — but Miami’s appearances are sure to bring back memories.NFL Cleveland Browns Team Face Coverings

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The NFL changed its number policy this offseason, allowing linebackers to wear Nos. 1-59 and 90-99. Smith wore No. 9 at Notre Dame and chose No. 54 with the Cowboys because the numbers added up to nine. Fellow linebacker Micah Parsons, the Cowboys' first-round pick, is wearing No. 11, his number at Penn State.

His running mate, Mekhi Becton, already has been a staple for gang green’s unit entering his second season. Now, some evaluators believe 16 games into his career, he has the potential to  be a Hall of Fame talent.NFL Houston Texans Team Face Coverings

“Second, when an investigation leads the Commissioner to believe that a player may have violated this Policy by committing any of the conduct identified above, he may act where the circumstances and evidence warrant doing so. This decision will not reflect a finding of guilt or innocence and will not be guided by the same legal standards and considerations that would apply in a criminal trial.