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George, 47, is getting his first crack as a head coach after an eight-year playing career with saw four Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl appearance with the Titans, before retiring with Dallas in 2003. Since retirement, George became an actor but now returns to the gridiron to head up the Tigers, who haven’t been to a bowl game since 1972.NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Face Coverings

The biggest hurdle for Lance in college recruiting was the same as it is in draft evaluations: There was just never enough of him. At Marshall High, he was routinely lifted from games at halftime with his team leading by five or six touchdowns. "The hype wasn't big on Trey," Bahlmann says, in a classic bit of southwestern Minnesota dryness, brittle as the crunch of snow underfoot. "He just didn't have the stats. He played the whole game just once his junior year. If we were up by 40 at halftime, what was I supposed to do? Keep him in and have him throw?"NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Face Coverings

The Cowboys did their best impression of the Patriots in 2020, cashing out on compensatory picks and these could be integral in allowing Jones to find his dream prospects.

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Moore is a beast and a nightmare to tackle after the catch. He’s neither a burner nor a huge physical specimen, but he fits everything the Jets are looking to be. Think Deebo Samuel, with his ability to carry the ball, catch the ball and generally be a DC’s headache week in and week out.NFL Miami Dolphins Team Face Coverings

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah explains why he thinks Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb will put up "prolific" numbers in 2021. This game is streaming live on the Yahoo Sports mobile app, or on NFL Network

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Gabriel had expressed his desire to continue playing in the NFL, but he opted out of the 2020 season due to COVID-19. Now, Turbo is stepping away from the gridiron after first joining the league as an undrafted free agent.

Both Fields and Lance are considered long-term prospects. That might not be the worst thing since it’s expected that Garoppolo will be the full fledge starter at least one more year. As for Jones, many around the league believe he’s the most-NFL ready quarterback in the class not named Trevor Lawrence.NFL Denver Broncos Team Face Coverings