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To my teammates & brothers in the game I couldn't have asked for better locker rooms. Playing with & against you all have been the greatest honor. Thanks to Big Unk Lawrence for always believing in me! To my boys (ride or die)wanna say thank u and my agent Jason Chayut u the best Carolina Panthers Team Face Coverings

His father, Derek, played for the Cardinals, so to join the team his father played for and the team he grew up watching and rooting for was special.NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Face Coverings
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Aside from the running game, it will be vital for the backs to contribute to the passing game, whether by staying in to block or by catching passes. The resulting competition should be fun to watch.

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Jerome Baker, Dolphins “haven’t really talked about” new contract originally appeared on Pro Football TalkNFL Los Angeles Rams Team Face Coverings

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Seeger is still a key component in battling the league. It's hard to not be impressed with his sincerity, particularly when placed next to the NFL's. Seeger said he sees one of his main goals as re-establishing former players' trust in the settlement, which he believes was eroded by the race-norming story.NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Face Coverings

Garbers took a step back last season, hurt by the post-COVID adjustment to new coordinator Bill Musgrove’s offense. He comes into 2021 with 23 starts (25 games) of experience, has shown toughness and fits a pro-style offense well. Can he repeat his 2019 performance (especially in wins over Stanford, UCLA and Illinois) this fall?

He was gifted another one of those grievances on Sunday when All-Pro wide receiver Julio Jones was traded to the Tennessee Titans for at least a second-round pick. With the lower than expected price tag, Packers fans didn’t take news of the deal well given the optics of how it appeared Green Bay could have made a play.