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The teams with the top three picks -- Jacksonville, the New York Jets and San Francisco -- are expected to take quarterbacks. Clemson's Trevor Lawrence has been projected as the consensus top pick, with BYU's Zach Wilson going second and Alabama's Mac Jones or possibly Fields going third.NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Face Coverings

Under contract for 2021: Floyd ($5.5 million), Young ($2.2 million), Lewis ($1.1 million), Okoronkwo ($989,000), Kiser ($924,000), Reeder ($854,000), Hollins ($850,000), Howard ($780,000), Justin Lawler ($749,000), Derrick Moncrief ($660,000), Christian Rozeboom ($660,000).NFL Atlanta Falcons Team Face Coverings
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"That's what was so excited about this year. I did see five guys. No one is ever a slam dunk. Look at the history of this league. But do you see five guys capable of being a starting quarterback and I do. I see them all a little differently, and you have to decide which way you want to play that and it goes off studying what they showed on tape, which is all you have to go off. If you don't do it there, then you have to go off the person and talking to them and what you think they can bring to the table. There will never be an exact answer to that. Quarterbacks can come in whatever way you want them to. Just like receivers. But there aren't 32 people in this world who can play quarterback at an acceptable level for a fan base, for a coaching staff, for a GM, there's not. So when you find a guy who can play at that level then you compare him to the next guy and see which one you want more. And you roll with it."

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The price to move up for Jones (or any other quarterback) could be substantial. Belichick doesn't often trade up, and he's never traded up into the top 10 during his 21-year tenure in New England. Then again, it's difficult to predict what the Patriots will do in the draft. After taking a bold approach to free agency, perhaps Belichick will employ a similar strategy with the draft and move up for a top QB.

As the Chargers prepare for the NFL draft, The Times will examine their roster. Part 7 of 8: Running backs.

The 2021 NFL draft is nearly here, and since we’ve always got every angle of the event covered for you here at Draft Wire, we figured we’d also let you know how you can watch all of this year’s action.NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Face Coverings

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His range appears to be nearly impossible to predict. Some believe he could be a late first-round pick. Others aren’t sure if he’s even in the top 100. The Packers might fall in love with his potential in the scheme and pick him at 29. They might also get a chance to take him on Day 2. A boom or bust player has a huge range of outcomes available during the draft.NFL Los Angeles Chargers Team Face Coverings