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Each week during the 2020-21 NBA season, we will take a deeper dive into three of the league’s biggest storylines in an attempt to determine whether the trends are based more in fact or fiction moving forward.Charlotte Hornets
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All-NBA forward Jayson Tatum was also asked about the trial, and revealed he planned to have "the talk" -- a euphemism for the all-too-common conversation Black families have with their children to warn them of the risks of interaction with police. "This is all new to me, the parenting thing," he began. "And when I have those talks, obviously I know I'm going to have to have them [with his son Deuce] one day, and now I understand."

"I thought the Wizards played well defensively," Kerr said. "Did some good things to get the ball out of Steph's hands. But nothing that Steph hasn't seen before. I thought we were gassed. I thought that included Steph and everybody -- we just didn't look like we had our legs out there tonight."

The Celtics entered Charlotte on Sunday favored against a Hornets team playing without Gordon Hayward and LaMelo Ball and laid an egg, falling 125-104 for their third loss in four games.Orlando Magic

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NEW YORK (AP) — The last time the New York Knicks had a winning streak this long was also their last playoff appearance.Oklahoma City Thunder

The 17 players on the Boston Celtics’ roster have peculiar taste — and distastes — just like the rest of us. Some of us have some pretty reasonable dislikes when it comes to culinary options, and some of us have some right out of left field.

Once he had retired from the NBA, a series of both retro and newly created sneakers were released within the past five years. Bryant coined the term "Protro," grounded on the insight that he wanted to upgrade his past shoes with modern constructions and technologies -- a pro-level, updated retro edition of his past sneakers.Cleveland Cavaliers

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