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But hey, the Blazers have been in survival mode before. Remember that time they got stuck in an elevator at Emerson College for 30 minutes? Nonetheless, we're happy to hear everybody is safe. 

"I tried to talk to KD about, you know, I said, 'KD I'll get you my Rolls Royce and I'll get you my house for a weekend, I need you to sign with the Wizards,'" Gortat told Chris Miller with a chuckle in a special interview airing before Saturday night's game against the Dallas Mavericks on Wizards Pregame Live.  Detroit Pistons

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Thibodeau then worked with Knicks president Leon Rose to acquire Rose from the Pistons in a February trade.Brooklyn Nets

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Falk: I don't recall ever having a conversation about signing with ITT. ... I don't ever recall getting to the point where we were discussing auxiliary income. ... I would say that if there ever came a time where I saw that we'd have to have serious discussions with the Knicks ... as someone who probably understood salary cap as well as anyone in the world, I would try to understand what flexibilities there were in the cap.New Orleans Pelicans

“That’s what we’re gonna need from him in order for us to win a championship.”Orlando Magic

For New Orleans, the hope is some of the momentum from Saturday's comeback can carry into Monday's contest.

MORE THAN ANYTHING, though, the summer of 1996 changed the rules, both literally and figuratively. It created buzzwords among NBA teams and media: cap space; expiring contracts; pitch meetings. Those things existed before 1996, but not as necessary parts of teams' rebuilding processes. The 1999 CBA eventually added a max salary requirement and luxury tax, concrete steps to regulate the system.