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To date, the Blazers have yet to ask for permission to speak to any potential candidates, according to Woj. Detroit Pistons

''This was an embarrassing performance for myself all the way to the last player,'' Denver coach Michael Malone said. ''We are walking out here with our heads held down and rightfully so. There was a reason that their crowd was yelling ''Suns in four!'' and they are calling for a sweep because if we play like this in Denver, this is going to be a really quick series.''

The Philadelphia 76ers' 118-102 Game 2 victory over Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday began shortly after the NBA announced Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic won league MVP honors, with Embiid finishing second. Jokic soundly defeated Embiid, with 971 voting points to Embiid's 586.

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The only thing the Bucks were focused on was getting a win, period, after two rough games in Brooklyn -- especially the 39-point shellacking Milwaukee absorbed in Game 2. And while the Bucks managed to do that, it didn't come without some tense moments.

"We have the capability of rising to the occasion," Irving said. "We’re a very mature basketball club because we play selflessly and trust each other. Any situation in the game, I feel like we have the talent, we have preparation, we have the coaching staff to be able go to go out and execute. After that, its just mainly up to us to continue to play the right way."Phoenix Suns
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George said the Jazz wanted the Clippers to take midrange shots with Gobert roaming the paint but that he "can do a better job of setting those up."Indiana Pacers

“Playing at home is huge, because we don’t seem to lose here,” Embiid said. “It’s rare. The fans, they support us. They’re going to boo you, but it’s to make you play better. I like that energy. Also, playing on the road is the same for me, honestly. As I play on the road, you’ve got the opposition fans talking trash, booing. I feed off of it and I like to shut them up. For me, there’s no difference. Denver Nuggets

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